Welcome to my final blog of this academic year, where has it gone? There is much to be proud about as we head into the summer break; I have always used the summer recess as a period of quiet reflection, whilst fine tuning the priorities for the next academic year. I am incredibly proud of our schools, who have been front and centre in supporting families and young people, not only in delivering lessons, but supporting and encouraging families who have in many cases struggled or lost family members. I also acknowledge the strong and valued relationships with our many partners in Camden, especially social care and early help, where we, collectively, as a system, have put an arm around our most vulnerable to keep them safe and visible. The pandemic has not disappeared and our schools, this half term have been once again dealing with a surge in positive cases, whilst attempting to keep education continuity going, despite in some cases have more staff out of the school, than actually in the building. No doubt there will be much to ponder and plan for as September approaches.

I would like to say a fond farewell and thank you to four Head teachers who are either retiring at the end of this term or going onto pastures new. We say goodbye to Elizabeth Kitcatt at Camden School for Girls, Kate Frood at Eleanor Palmer, Jacquie Phelan at Carlton and Allan McLean at Hampstead Parochial. The contribution from all four of these heads has been quite incredible, each of them have contributed so much to Camden young people and have left a legacy to be proud of. I would also like to acknowledge the dignity and exemplary leadership shown by Jacquie at Carlton as the school closes next week after 137 years; closing any school is emotional and I know this has been a challenge for Jacquie, the staff and whole school community. We wish all our heads and staff who are finishing at the end of this term, all the very best for the future.

I am simply going to end by saying thank you to all, extending that gratitude to all staff and governors in schools, you have demonstrated enormous energy and fortitude and your resilience has been tested over the months. I hope you can enjoy a rest and break from school life for a few week, reflecting on your many achievements and importantly contributions to your pupils and community. Thank you.

Jon Abbey

Managing Director of Camden Learning


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