It has been a busy and exciting week for me. I was lucky enough to return to New Zealand over the Easter break to see family that I have been unable to see due to Covid, so this has been my first week back in Camden and in the role of Interim Managing Director.

The breadth of activity undertaken across Camden is incredible. I am enjoying the opportunity to engage with the wider aspects of the work that Camden Learning does in partnership with our schools, Camden Council and other partners, and I look forward to working with you all.

One of the things that struck me most this week, particularly when reading the Education White Paper, was the sheer number of government initiatives, activities and challenges that schools manage on an ongoing basis. That makes it even more important that as a local partnership we stay focused on what we want to achieve for Camden children and young people. The Education Strategy, Building Back Stronger, gives us the vehicle to focus our energy and bring together talent from across the borough to achieve the goals we have set out. It is an exciting and challenging time. I am looking forward to meeting with Headteachers over the coming weeks to explore what initiatives we can move from planning to action in the coming year.

Alongside this, as outlined by Christine last week, we will also be considering the actions we need to take in Camden in relation to the Schools White Paper: Opportunity for all and the Green Paper, SEND Review: Right support, Right Place, Right Time. We will be discussing the details of the Education White paper at the upcoming Headteacher and Governor meetings, and at the next Board meeting. We will keep you up to date as we work through the next steps for Camden.

I can’t promise I will be as eloquent (or lengthy) as Jon in my introductions to the Bulletin, but I can say that I will look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and reflect each week on the learning and fantastic work that is happening across Camden. Finally, following feedback from schools, we have moved to sending the bulletin on a Friday afternoon.

Tracey Caldwell

Interim Managing Director, Camden Learning


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