This week has been very exciting as we talk to schools about the Hubs and Education Strategy initiatives that will be run next year. It feels like this work has a new lease of life as we (hopefully) move into an academic year that will not be dominated by Covid.

The ideas I saw presented were exciting and will enable schools to be creative and try new approaches which can be shared and rolled out across Camden (and maybe further afield) in the future. We will let you know in next week’s bulletin some of the details.

This week, I have also seen some of the very early provisional results coming in from KS1 & KS2. They are testament to the hard work going on in school and efforts made by all schools to ensure that children who have had so much disruption in their lives are not left behind. We will share the overall results as soon as we are able to.

In talking to Headteachers it is clear that this year, like last year, has been incredibly difficult and demanding for staff and children. We should all be proud of everything that has been achieved in Camden this year. With three weeks to go until the end of term I am sure you are all counting the days!

Next week, I will be attending the School Business Manager Conference. I hope that your Business Manager will be attending. It has a range of sessions that look at the education environment, how to maximise performance as well as technical sessions. I look forward to meeting all the business managers in person!

Tracey Caldwell

Interim Managing Director, Camden Learning


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