Sharing Camden Practice

Leadership and Management – from good to outstanding

Key Points

  • The actions we took to move leadership and management from good to outstanding


What were your reasons for doing this development work?

  • Outstanding leadership to impact teaching and learning;
  • Raise Leadership and Management grade from good to outstanding.

Who were the identified target learners?

The whole school.

What were your success criteria?

  • Move Ofsted judgement for Leadership and Management from good to outstanding;
  • Improve quality of teaching;
  • Raise pupils’ attainment and progress.

What did you do? (What success criteria did you use?)

Nothing we did is revolutionary. Everything we did was designed to be simple and have maximise impact. We borrowed good practice from colleague Camden schools and made it work for us.


Timescale (this timescale does not take note of other changes which impacted L&M grade e.g. change of staff etc.):

December 2009: Ofsted Leadership and management grade 2;

September 2010:Restructure leadership team; reformat HT report; lesson observation cycle altered;

September 2012: Reformat Governing Body Meetings and Minute structure; reformat HT report;

September 2014: Reformat PM process;

November 2014: Ofsted Leadership and Management grade 1;

January 2015: Governing Body reconstituted;

July 2015: Reformat HT Report to create SEDHR;

September 2015: Role of Assistant HT created.



  • Skills audit of governing body;
  • Governor training programme following gaps analysis;
  • Reformat governing body meetings (all governor meetings include a development activity);
  • Reformat governing body minutes
  • Subject link governors and visits;
  • Class link governors and “tea” visits;
  • The Fitzjohn’s Conversation – an annual event where all members of the community are invited to have a conversation based around three questions (the questions often being based around a live/current issue);
  • Governors’ Day in school – am in classes – pm training;
  • Communication with parents via website, teas and newsletter


Senior Leadership Team

  • Reformat Senior Leadership team timetable and structure
  • CPD focusing on needs analysis
  • Ensure SLT had more time to develop teaching and learning – observing and modelling


  • Reformat Headteacher’s report (inspired by St Luke’s Free School)
  • Reformatted Performance Management Cycle so that it more closely linked to school improvement and was better “owned” by the staff – briefly the staff write their own PM in negotiation with me.

What specific teaching resources did you use?

See below for proforma copies of various documents used – attachments.

Outcomes and Impact

What has been the impact on pupil learning and teaching?

Ofsted 2015: Teaching and pupils’ achievement are improving strongly.

  • Observations and modelling of good practice within school has led to improved teaching;
  • CDP of colleagues (using SLEs from colleague schools) has led to improved teaching.

Our attainment and progress remain high and have improved in areas of need;

We have maintained a broad and balanced curriculum.

Evidence of impact on pupil learning and teaching/leadership

Ofsted 2014: Teaching and pupils’ achievement are improving strongly.

Ofsted 2015: Teaching and pupil’s achievement are improving strongly.