Mental Health Learning Hub

Main aims of the project

Members’ evaluations of the Mental Health Hub from the past two years show that members have developed their own professional understanding of mental health issues in schools, as well as valued the opportunity to work with cross phase colleagues:

  • ‘I have found the literature and the speakers extremely informative.’
  • ‘It has been empowering, providing us with valuable knowledge.’
  • ‘I have been impressed with people’s dedication to the hub and the group projects and feel that our resources will make a real difference which will lead to impact.’

The main purpose of this Hub is to share and develop knowledge and understanding of mental health issues in schools through expert input, dialogue, problem solving, building confidence and developing practical resources to support pupils and the wider school community.

Want to get involved?

Which staff would benefit from joining and why?

Staff members with a passion for learning more about and supporting mental health and emotional well-being in schools. Our Hub has worked very successfully for the past two years with a mixture of class teachers, mental health leads and senior leaders.
It would especially suit those who have an interest in becoming a senior mental health lead as outlined in the 2017 Green Paper and subsequent consultation response.
We would encourage those who have been part of the hub in 17/18 or 18/19 to continue and would also very much welcome new members who would have access to previous resources and research.

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  • To continue to provide a forum for professionals in schools to share issues related to mental health and to problem solve together
  • To provide expert input for the group, developing members’ own understanding of mental health challenges and issues
  • To build on the Hub’s previous work, developing and promoting ‘thinking cards’ and related resources for primary and secondary pupils
  • To respond to members’ own interests and challenges to develop cross phase resources on an area of mental health need (suggestions so far from current members have been related to anxiety, resilience, body image, intrusive thoughts)


Lead Schools

Royal Free Hospital School, Parliament Hill and Christchurch Primary NW3.

Katy Forsdyke


020 7435 1361

Neera Dhingra

Wellbeing Project Manager

020 7485 7077

Alex Yates


020 7472 6298