Music Learning Hub

Main aims of the project in 2021 - 22

With schools under pressure to focus their efforts on league tables and Ebacc subjects, creative subjects such as Music are in danger of becoming side-lined in favour of core subjects. National statics show:

  • A 7.7% decrease in GCSE Music uptake from 2015/16 – 2016/17
  • A 6% decrease in schools offering GCSE Music from 2012 – 2016
  • A 9% drop in teenagers participating in Music from 2015/16 – 2016/17

However, there is overwhelming evidence that participation in Music helps students achieve in school a number of ways. The Power of Music – a research synthesis of the impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people (2015) concluded that there is significant evidence that music improves.

Aural perception and language skills; the development of literacy; aural and visual memory; spatial reasoning and mathematical performance; intellectual development; executive functioning and self-regulation; creativity; general attainment; re-engagement of the disaffected; social cohesion and inclusion; empathy and emotional intelligence; health.

Camden is renowned for its rich cultural and contemporary music scene and aims to buck this national trend by being at the forefront of providing high quality, inclusive Music lessons for all children in the 21st Century.

The aim of the Music Hub is to:

  • Support teachers in Camden schools to teach excellent lessons at KS3, encouraging all students, regardless of their musical prior knowledge and experiences, to participate in Music beyond just the classroom.
  • Consolidate teachers’ understanding of age-related expectations in Music across Camden.
  • To know how to get all students, targeting those from disadvantaged backgrounds to meet age-related expectations in Music.
  • To expand Primary and Secondary colleagues knowledge of the Music curriculum at KS3/2 respectively, in order to inform teaching practice and curriculum design in secondaries and feeder primaries.
Want to get involved?

Which staff would benefit from joining and why?

All Music teachers in Camden secondary schools and Music Coordinators in Camden Primary schools.
Performing Arts teachers and senior leaders who line-manage and observe Music lessons.

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  • Build the network of Secondary Music teachers in Camden, developing practitioner confidence in teaching outstanding Music lessons.
  • Consolidate Music teachers’ understanding of what outstanding Music teaching can look like in Camden.
  • Build relationships between Secondary and feeder Primary schools in order that students from disadvantaged backgrounds that have participated in Primary school Music are more likely to continue playing Music at Secondary school.
  • Create a set of minimum musical expectations for students at the beginning of Year 7.
  • A set of age-related expectations for students at KS3 in Camden which schools can benchmark against.


Lead Schools

William Ellis School

Guy Forbat

Head of Music

020 7267 9346