Post 16 Academic Writing Hub

Main aims of the project in 2019 - 20

In order to improve standards at the end of Key Stage 5, Camden Learning has identified a key focus on improving post 16 pedagogy. A review of current practice has shown that whilst pupils can learn subject knowledge, they often lack the linguistic sophistication to express themselves in an appropriate and academic manner. This disparity presents a barrier to academic achievement and access to professional careers.

The development of academic writing skills has already been shown to impact very positively on achievement in some schools, and the Hub aims to apply this excellent work to provide both a framework and an interface for building and sharing expertise.

The Hub will support teachers in all faculties across the curriculum to achieve confidence and expertise in identifying the writing requirements of their subject. It will create and distribute sequences of teaching activities which will develop writing skills and augment subject knowledge.

With the support of an external group, the Hub will provide participants with the expertise to provide leadership for academic writing within their departments, and develop a whole school strategy for developing academic writing in order to meet the needs of all our students across all key stages.

Want to get involved?

Which staff would benefit from joining?

Senior Leaders
Literacy Coordinators
CPD Leads

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  • Language based pedagogy is used as a framework to support pupil progress.
  • Teachers can identify subject-specific genres and can describe their linguistic features. Teachers have the confidence and the ability to use a variety of methods to teach the linguistic features of genres.
  • The teaching of genres is integrated across the curriculum.
  • Pupils write with an increasingly sophisticated academic voice and deepen their subject knowledge.
  • Subject specific guides to academic writing are produced.


Lead Schools

La Sainte Union School

Matt Beavis

La Sainte Union School