Post 16 Pedagogy Hub

Main aims of the project in 2019 - 20

Despite the rapidly changing context for KS5 students and their progression pathways, some things remain constant. One of these things is the need for students to achieve highly, whatever their chosen courses, to allow them a truly wide choice for their desired progression pathway. Another immutable is that some students in every cohort find studying, and attaining their potential, extremely challenging.

The aim of this hub would be to support leaders of learning at KS5, and KS5 teachers with a particular interest in leadership roles, to develop their confidence in teaching at this level, through deepening and broadening the range of pedagogies they are confident in using. A secondary aim is to enable teachers to reflect on their practice within a formal context, enabling them to explore the techniques of action research and supporting them to complete a piece of research and a formal write up of this research.

Want to get involved?

Which staff would benefit from joining and why?

Any KS5 leader of learning or teacher who is interested in developing their teaching skills and their own professional development.
The Hub will focus on personal and professional reflection and research, enabling participants to complete the year with a piece of publication worthy educational research, as well as increased confidence and teaching strategies.

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  • A booklet of action research pieces.
  • A teachmeet event.


Lead Schools

Acland Burghley

Flora Wilson

Acland Burghley

Anna Rimington

Acland Burghley