Complaints Support and Advice Services

Schools must have their own distinct complaints procedures in place. A guidance document for parents on making complaints does not satisfy the legal requirement to have in place a procedure to deal with all complaints. DfE guidance on complaints policies can be found here.

Complaints are often difficult and complex, with a legal framework that makes large demands on school leaders and governors.

Camden Learning provides specialist advice and support to school staff and governors in dealing with complaints. This includes detailed advice on drafting responses, support with vexatious complaints and guidance on managing investigations. The service will also provide advice on setting up and running governor complaints panels, including support with identifying independent governors and with writing responses.

We provide a model policy and a set of templates for responses. The package includes an annual governor training session and will include a briefing for Heads and senior leaders on any revisions to the policy, while in-school training for staff and governors is available on request.

Price (excl. VAT)

£850 per financial year


Owen Rees

0207 974 4449