Every Child Reading by 7

At Camden Learning we are determined that every Camden child who possibly can, will be supported to be a fluent, confident and accurate reader by the age of 7 – setting them up for educational success at Key Stage 2 and beyond.

We recognise that some children will take longer but ECR7 will ensure that all children receive the expert provision that will enable them to overcome their barriers and read.

To succeed in this important mission, we need to start early and ensure that everyone caring for or working with Camden children from birth to age 7 understands the part that they can play in:

  • supporting children’s early language development so that they are ready for reading;
  • ensuring that they make rapid progress with acquiring phonics and early reading skills;
  • providing an outstanding reading curriculum that goes far beyond phonics – exposing children to a rich diet of stories, poems and non-fiction, that motivates and inspires them;
  • helping children who are falling behind to catch up.

Whether you are a parent or carer, a health worker, a charity, a school professional or a local business you have an important role to play -please click on the relevant section below to sign our pledge and join us on our mission.

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