Appropriate Body

Camden Learning values its teachers as self-developing professionals and believes that the raising of educational achievement depends on having well-qualified, capable teachers who feel supported in the process of continuous learning for themselves and their pupils. The induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) is an essential stage in the continued professional development of teachers. Camden Learning aims to provide support and encouragement for ECTs as they further develop their understanding and expertise.

Early Career Framework

The role of the Appropriate Body is to ensure Early Career Programme and school based induction supports the early career teacher and provide them with the necessary training to ensure that they can demonstrate that their performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory by the end of the period. Induction should provide a foundation for ECTs and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

The role of the Appropriate Body is to ensure the following:

ECT is supported in school
Has a reduced timetable
Informing Teaching Regulation Agency of ECT appointments
Schools deliver an induction period that is underpinned by the ECF. The Appropriate Body (AB) will have the role in checking that an ECF-based induction is in place.

Quality Assurance

The Appropriate Body has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. It will establish that head teachers are aware of/capable of meeting their responsibilities and that the monitoring, support, assessment, and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate.

Quality assurance mechanisms include

  • Training and termly network meetings for Induction Tutors
  • Guidance material for Induction Tutors and ECTs
  • Highlighting progress of ECTs
  • Arranging professional development for ECTs through the induction programme
  • Links with national agencies
  • Scrutiny of completed assessment forms and follow up
  • Providing opportunities for ECTs to give feedback through ECT survey
  • Appropriate body will visit sample schools as well as visit schools upon request

Register your ECT

The most important registration for all Induction Tutors to complete is the statutory requirement for ECT Induction. This is via This is in addition to registering with EDT for the Early Career Programme.

Register Your ECT

The Early Career Teacher and Induction Tutor Handbook

The ECT Handbook outlines the legal requirements of the statutory two year induction undertaken by early career teachers. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Headteacher, Induction Tutor, Mentor and Early Career Teacher to engage with the statutory induction of new teachers. It includes guidance for schools and accompanies the support available through the Appropriate Body.

Download Handbook