Our Vision

Camden is a place where everyone has a chance to thrive and where nobody gets left behind.

Camden Learning is a force for excellence and impact, driving the establishment of a school-led system where members share responsibility for ensuring all our children thrive, enjoy learning and achieve well, so they leave school as confident, successful learners and good citizens.

Our goals: what we will achieve

  • High standards
  • Exceptional schools
  • No child left behind
  • Joint endeavour
  • A centre of innovation and excellence
  • Active, global citizens

Our priorities: what we will do


Building Camden Learning as a force for improvement


Developing sustainable improvement in quality and equity


Supporting teachers and leaders so they thrive in Camden


Enriching learning in Camden

Building Back Stronger – Camden’s Education Strategy to 2030

We have seized a once-in-a-generation opportunity to refresh our ambitions for our education system in Camden, based on the twin pillars of equity and excellence. We believe that a system which is better for disadvantaged children is better for everyone. We’re determined to create a more inclusive education system, which will remove the barriers limiting participation and achievement, respect diverse needs, abilities and characteristics and eliminate discrimination.