School Improvement Offer

Our School Improvement offer enables schools to access to significant training opportunities for school leaders and staff. Camden Learning’s unique offer encourages and enriches school to school support, the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues across the borough, as well as benefit from the expertise within the company.

  • The core offer for all member schools.
  • School Improvement Service Level Agreement (SLA) available to member schools.
  • A range of packages that can be purchased in addition to the SLA as standalone services.

Some of the benefits of the core offer include:

  • Termly Camden Professional Partner advisory school visit including written reports and standards discussion.
  • Safeguarding support and advice, including quality assurance of bi-annual safeguarding compliance check (section 11 audit).
  • Expert on-call Ofsted inspection advice & support.
  • Ofsted update briefings.
  • Additional advice, support and guidance for schools in difficulty as outlined in our SRAS (Schools Requiring
  • Additional Support) policy.
  • Professional guidance & support for Headteacher interviews.
  • Termly Governors forums, with additional development and networking opportunities.
  • Half termly Headteacher update briefings.
  • Specialist SEND pedagogy advice, guidance and support, including SENCO forums.
  • Primary moderation.
  • Exclusions and attendance booklets
  • Opportunities for peer learning & membership of local school networks.
  • Weekly Headteacher bulletin with key local and national updates.

Schools who purchase an SLA further benefit from a wide range of services that include:

  • Expert advice for governors and school leaders.
  • On-demand support, advice & guidance.
  • Membership of Camden Learning Hubs when purchasing the standard or premium SLA
  • (Standard SLA – 2 Hubs, Premium SLA – 4 Hubs).
  • Executive coaching for Headteachers: 3 sessions.
  • Enhanced support and guidance for new Headteachers, including additional coaching and mentoring (3 additional sessions).
  • Access to resources through Governor Hub.
  • Monthly Bristol Summaries providing expert summaries of the latest educational research policy and reports.
  • Free access to advertise jobs on Camden Learning Jobs Board.
  • Free access to Camden Conversations with keynote education speakers.
  • Emergency support, advice and guidance.
  • Access to online School Business Manager forum and networking opportunities.
  • Limited bespoke Inclusion data analysis.
  • Access to Crown Commercial Services employment agency framework. In addition we offer specialist services such as:
  • Complaints support and advice
  • Clerking
  • Enhanced Early Career Framework (ECF) programme
  • Primary creative computing
  • Music services

For more information, please download our School Improvement offer.

School Improvement Offer

School Improvement and Support Strategy

Camden schools who are facing additional challenge or difficulty are also eligible for consideration under our statutory school improvement and support strategy.

School Improvement Support Strategy