What are Learning Hubs?

The role of a Learning Hub is to accelerate improvement and impact. Hubs complement the Camden Learning CPD offer in specific specialist areas by developing a vibrant, growing and popular group of school-based professionals who work together to create a ‘Learning Community of Practice’ in the specialist area to improve pedagogy and effect change.

Hubs are led by school staff  and harness the exceptional experience, skills and talent within schools. They develop a  culture of collaborative working, creating the levers to ensure a secure and sustainable world-class school improvement system.

Why should your school join?

Those schools that have been a member of a Camden Learning Hub have benefited from working together with other schools that share common interests and priorities. Staff have developed as leaders in their own schools, feeding back, sharing learning and leading change. Working with others on a shared improvement strategy has led to improving standards and progress across those schools taking an active part in a Hub.

Learning Hubs and School Led Initiatives Impact Reports 2022-23

Learning Hubs and School Led Initiatives are a core part of Camden Learning’s approach to professional development, developing strong school-led networks of practice in specialist areas. In 2022-23 there were five Learning Hubs: Anti-Racist Learning Hub, EYFS Hub, Primary Maths Hub, SEND Hub, STEAM Hub. There were three School Led Initiatives: Oracy School Led Initiative, KS2-KS3 Maths Transition Initiative, Every Child Reading by 7 Initiative.

Each Hub and School Led Initiative has produced an Impact Report, which can be viewed here or downloaded using the link below.

Hubs Booklet Impact Report 22-23

Learning Hubs