Early Years Hub

Main aims of the project

The Hub is in its third year now and has established some impressive alumni who strive to offer quality, innovative and child centred provision for their children.  The hub is led by two Headteachers and an experienced Early Years Leader; the Hub offers relevant CPD to develop school practice and attainment in response to Camden data outcomes.

Our Hub has already established lots of collaboration between practitioners and sharing innovative practice and this will continue.

Our Aim is to:

  • Respond to Camden data and its implications on the new cohorts and those moving into Year 1
  • Building on skills and development from Years 1 and 2  to include boys achievement, communication and language and expressive arts
  • Curriculum design and innovation to further reflect on good Early Years practice in EYFS and KS1
  • Explore effective strategies for engaging with parents
Want to get involved?

Activities planned for this year include:

Launch Event - A response to Camden data, Building on skills and development from Years 1 and 2 Curriculum design and innovation
Learning Environment Crawl - Experience a day seeing another setting and showing your own
PHSE and Boys - Put together a case study about a boy in your setting. The purpose of this is to think strategically about those boys who may not be ready for KS1 at the end of EYFS
The Well Balanced Child - How do we ensure the children are getting a range of high quality and appropriate opportunities
The Big Day Out - Following the success of last year’s event to the Design Museum, we will do a similar thing to influence practitioners in their settings
Exercising Muscles and Mind - A workshop to development movement and cognition
A Half Day Review - This session will review an aspect related to your setting's data and its effectiveness on learning
Impact Day - Bringing together our learning and experience to evaluate the hub work this year

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  1. There will review the Camden data set and steer the course accordingly.  This will also include thinking about strategies for children as they move into Year 1 to ensure a smooth, purposeful and appropriate transition and learning experience for them.
  2. In addition, the focus on boys and those hard to shift children who make good progress, but who may not achieve a GLD in one of the specific learning strands.  Alongside this, with the new Ofsted focus on Curriculum, build on the innovative expressive arts and communication, language and literacy work we began last year in ensuring a rich curriculum for our settings.
  3. Throughout the Hub this year, we will be building on the skills housed in our Hub membership; many of the participants have been members since the first year and we have some impressive skills to exploit in terms of system and school leadership.  We will be thinking how to develop these skills for use within the Hub and back at individual schools.


Lead Schools

Brookfield Primary School & The Thomas Coram Centre

Laurel Robin

Headteacher Brookfield Primary School

Perina Holness

Headteacher Thomas Coram Centre

0207 520 0385