Primary Mathematics Hub

Main aims of the project in 2019 - 20

This network will create opportunities for all Camden primary schools to work together in addition to the termly maths leaders’ meetings.

Our main aims will be to:

  • Support maths leads in improving learning and teaching through collaborative working, building social capital and offering support
  • Creating links for pupils as well as teachers
  • Create opportunities to support in-school initiatives and to raise aspiration
  • Maintain a link with the National Maths Hub based at St Marylebone School through our National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) lead role
Want to get involved?

The key areas covered by the hub will be:

Primary maths leaders will be able to deepen their pedagogy and engage with teacher-led research on live challenges
Our experience tells us that involving ‘keen’ colleagues, including NQT’s really impacts on dissemination back in school
We will run two 'joint practice groups'; these are opportunities for willing teachers to get together and trial ideas and activities
We will hold a Primary Maths Challenge for 12 member schools for our highest attainers who love challenging problem solving

What does the Hub plan to achieve and what resources will be created?

  • To have the best networked and informed primary maths coordinators in the country
  • Our evidence to date suggests we are well on the way! Other London boroughs have no such network and we know through maths Hub initiatives that Camden is well ahead in terms of its practice and knowledge sharing.


Lead Schools

Eleanor Palmer, Netley and Torriano Primary Schools

Kate Frood

Eleanor Palmer Primary School

020 7485 2155

Conor Loughney

Torriano Primary School

020 7424 0202

Gareth Morris 

Netley Primary School

020 3772 0350